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Distributed across Canada by the Aevitas Inc. Oil Division. Providing insulating oils and related services for over 15 years.


Based in Brantford, ON our Oil Division has been providing insulating oil product across Canada for over 15 years. Aevitas owns and operates 8 other facilities across Canada providing a network of insulating oil distribution points to all major cities. As a preferred partner, we offer our customers a full menu of related transformer services including on-site vacuum filling, degasification, retrofilling (to reduce PCB contamination), draining and recycling of used insulating oil, and transformer dismantling, transportation, and recycling.



About Our Products




Available in Class A & Class B, Type I (Non-Inhibited) & Type II (Inhibited) insulating oils.


Manufactured with high-quality naphthenic base stocks by Calumet Specialty Products, L.P.


Available in Type I (Non-Inhibited) & Type II (Inhibited) Class B insulating oils.


Manufactured by Aevitas from re-refined naphthenic base oil.


  • Aevitas Silicone Transformer Fluid

  • Supercharged Inhibited Insulating Oil


On-Site Support Services

Highly trained technicians using specialized equipment providing insulating oil processing services including: vacuum filling; degasification / dehydration; and retrofilling (oil replacement) of small, medium, and large power transformers.



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Aevitas is proud to be the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of

Calumet Caltran C50 Products



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