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MODEF60 is naphthenic based, new quality, mineral insulating oil available in Type I (Non-Inhibited) or Type II (Inhibited) formulations.  Our MODEF60 insulating oil products are rerefined from previously used transformer oil and meet or exceed existing CSA and ASTM quality standards. 



  • Contains no detectable polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) or corrosive sulfur

  • High flash point provides for a margin of safety

  • High dielectric strength and low dissipation factor

  • Low pour point and low viscosity



  • Proven environmental benefits by allowing for the continued use of a non-renewable resource
  • Provides thermal and oxidative stability
  • Excellent heat transfer under all temperature conditions
  • Full compatibility with existing naphthenic, mineral and dielectric insulating oils


Packaging and Shipping:

  • Available in 20L resealable pails, 205L drums, 1000L IBC totes and by bulk load.  
  • Distributed by Aevitas Inc. with shipping throughout Canada.  Also available for pick-up from our Canadian distribution centres.




Black and white photograph of an oil tanker MODEF60 oil containers

MODEF60 is refined at our dedicated transformer oil processing facility located in Brantford, ON and supplied to equipment manufacturers, electrical contractors and consultants across Canada for over 15 years.

Typical applications include maintenance or top up of mineral oil filled equipment:

  • Oil immersed transformers

  • Distribution transformer 

  • Padmount transformer

  • Polemount transformer


  • Tap changers

  • Electrical reclosures

  • Oil-filled capacitors

  • Circuit breakers

  • Switches


Our MODEF60 Type II Inhibited transformer oil is perfect for use in oil top-up situations, as it can be added to existing transformer oil to re-inhibit and halt the oxidation process that naturally occurs within transformers over time.



Technical Info

A copy of Standard Analysis and PCB Analysis of MODEF60 is provided with every load.


View our Standard Properties of MODEF60 Insulating Oil

For Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other technical information visit our Resources page

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Additional Available Products


Aevitas Supercharged Inhibited Transformer Oil

Our "supercharged" inhibited mineral insulating oil can be added to existing transformers to halt the oxidation process that naturally occurs within transformers over time. Aevitas prepares and supplies dedicated formulations to suit individual transformer inhibitor requirements.  Call us for further information and to discuss your specific needs.




Aevitas Silicone Transformer Fluid

Aevitas maintains a supply of silicone transformer fluid which is recycled and reprocessed for use in either retrofilling or silicone fluid level top ups on existing silicone filled transformers.





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