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Specializing in the supply of insulating oil products for use in high voltage electrical equipment throughout Canada.


When your business needs to buy transformer oil, Aevitas supplies a full range of electrical insulating oil products that meet or exceed CSA-C50 and other specifications. Typically, other transformer oil manufacturers supply only in bulk to OEM’s and power utilities.  At Aevitas, we deliver transformer oil products across Canada in multiple container sizes and in bulk for all occasions and to all industries. 


From 20L resealable pails for transformer oil top-up to rail car loads for manufacturers, or anything in between, we have you covered.  Aevitas can also provide in-situ degasification and vacuum service to ensure the highest quality transformer fill.  


About Our Products




Available in Class A & Class B, Type I (Non-Inhibited) & Type II (Inhibited) insulating oils.


Manufactured with high-quality naphthenic base stocks by Calumet Specialty Products, L.P.


Available in Type I (Non-Inhibited) & Type II (Inhibited) Class B insulating oils.


Manufactured by Aevitas from re-refined naphthenic base oil.


Aevitas Silicone Transformer Fluid

Supercharged Inhibited Insulating Oil


On-Site Support Services

Highly trained technicians using specialized equipment providing insulating oil processing services including: vacuum filling; degasification / dehydration; and retrofilling (oil replacement) of small, medium, and large power transformers.



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Aevitas is proud to be the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of

Calumet Caltran™ C50 Products



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