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Conveniently available in Class A and Class B, Type I and Type II electrical insulating oils.   CALTRAN C50 Insulating Oil products are engineered for use in all oil-filled high voltage electrical equipment.  These Arctic grade products are perfectly suited for harsh Canadian weather conditions and meet or exceed Canadian Standards Association C50-14 specifications. 



  • Excellent low temperature fluidity
  • Outstanding corrosion control
  • Exceptional insulating properties
  • Superior oxidation stability



  • Improves circulation and heat transfer for operation at low temperatures in remote locations.
  • Ability to withstand high levels of electrical field strength while assisting in the prevention of corona discharge or arcing.
  • Highly refined to remove corrosive sulfur compounds which prevents corrosion of copper components and formation of copper sulfides.
  • Oxidatively stable for long service life.



Black and white photograph of an electrical transformer CALTRAN C50 oil containers

CALTRAN C50 insulating oils are formulated with premium, high quality naphthenic base stocks and further improved with world class refining processes by Calumet Specialty Products.  An excellent choice for your next project.

  • New power transformers
  • High voltage switchgear
  • High voltage capacitors
  • Transformer oil replacement
  • Circuit breakers
  • Transformer oil top up

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Packing & Shipping

Available in 20L resealable pails, 205L steel drums, 1000L IBC totes, tank truck or rail car.


Distributed by Aevitas Inc. with shipping throughout Canada.  Also available for pick-up from our Canadian distribution centres. 



For Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other technical information visit our Resources page.



Experience the power of CALTRAN C50 Insulating Oils, manufactured by Calumet Specialty Products Partners L.P. and exclusively distributed in Canada by Aevitas Inc.


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